Amazing video interview of Deya Dova by Brahmadev Kundun. Activating enlightenment during concert, symbiotic relationship of mother earth, synchronicity.

Activating enlightenment during concert, symbiotic relationship of mother earth, synchronicity. Questions to Deya Dova: What is happening when you are on stage? What do you record in sacred sites? Receive the blessing (chanting) of Deya Dova at the end of the video.Deya Dova: Facebook – Web Site – Kundun: Facebook – Web […]

Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Infinite Love, Is what you are. Understand and feel What you are, In the mirrors, Of the others. Find a mirror, Send your love, And see what happens. If in love you fall Reflection of your love You will see. If the mirror sends love to you too, Then, A reflection of his love you […]


Walking antennas : “Meditation is the way to awakening”, Kundun

Walking antennas

“Meditation is the way to awakening” Kundun 17 July 2012 Yes, we are walking antennas, like robots, we react to surrounding thoughts. Through meditation we can raise our consciousness, then choose our energetic environment. Meditation trains our brain to receive higher waves: when meditating we restructure our neuronal network. Like a splendid living antenna our […]


My love brother

Oh Brother My love brother I wanted to say thank you Since you’ve come into my dreams I have reached paradise With you I have seen myself With you I have understood myself With you I have realized How beautiful we are This infinite love Is what we are Is what we were Is what […]

War with your body

Sister Stop the war You can stop the fire Your enemy is your friend Can’t you see? Go to him Listen to him Understand why he is suffering What he is trying to tell you Be good with him Love him Your body Is your best friend He was here The second you were born […]


Ashram where Beatles stayed at Rishikech, India

Journey to northern India

Synchronicity is what led us to Northern India. Kundun and I had decided to go on a retreat for the summer solstice, so we booked a room in the Brocéliande forest in Brittany. Less than two weeks before the summer solstice we received several signs indicating that we should go to Northern India, specifically to […]

Experience feedback

Hearing, taste, smell, touch, sight, all is different, all is new. Photo Serge Briez ©

Kundun, second experience

Namaste, Brothers, sisters, this is the testimony of my second Shaktipat in february. After the first one in september 2010, I meditate each day 1 hour a day and 2 hours a day during the week-ends. I have made one energetic health each week too during 6 months. It helped me to clean the chakras. […]

Infinite Love

Stand Infinite Love, Salon Zen, Paris 2011

Infinite Love, a World of Wellness

The Infinite Love concept: A “Wellness Coaching” service All of Infinite Love’s activities have one thing in common:  health and well-being. In order to accept and connect with others, we must first be able to love and accept ourselves, and be in tune with our bodies, minds, and spirits.  We must “find ourselves.” Infinite Love […]