Amazing video interview of Deya Dova by Brahmadev Kundun. Activating enlightenment during concert, symbiotic relationship of mother earth, synchronicity.

Activating enlightenment during concert, symbiotic relationship of mother earth, synchronicity. Questions to Deya Dova: What is happening when you are on stage? What do you record in sacred sites? Receive the blessing (chanting) of Deya Dova at the end of the video.Deya Dova: Facebook – Web Site – Kundun: Facebook – Web […]

Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Infinite Love, Is what you are. Understand and feel What you are, In the mirrors, Of the others. Find a mirror, Send your love, And see what happens. If in love you fall Reflection of your love You will see. If the mirror sends love to you too, Then, A reflection of his love you […]


Sunrise at Mount Sinai, photo Guylène Briez

Wake up !

Introduction to life : Where do we come from? Why are we here? What direction are we heading in? Who are we? We certainly ask ourselves these questions at least once in our lives. But how many of us dig deeper into these questions? Who among us really knows who they are and why they […]


What you think

Be careful what you think Because, what you think Becomes reality . Be careful of your environment Because Your environment Merges with you. Choose the people Near you, Because what they are, You are becoming. The more your consciousness grows The more you should listen to your inner voice The more you should be careful […]


Yes You are free Free to love Free to trust Free to have faith Who you want to be You become Who you think you are You become What you want to do You can do Yes You are free Understand that Your choice Is my choice So Be careful What you think What you […]


Encounters in Oregon

In September 2011, Kundun and Brahmadev traveled to Oregon were they met some exceptional people : Lama Tantrapa in Portland Lama Tantrapa is a Buddhist monk who practices Tibetan shamanism and dream yoga. He is also an internationally renowned Qi Gong teacher.   He trained us in Qi-Dao (which is the natural form of Qi Gong) […]

Experience feedback

Infinite Love: the awakening. Photo Serge Briez ©

Personal accounts: Shaktipat Transmission

ince each person is unique, the Shaktipat experience is different for each of us.  As everything happens internally, it is very difficult, if not impossible to put what we have experienced into words. Kundun’s experience (English) September 2010 Kundun’s experience (English) February 2011 Brahmadev’s experience (French) Brahmadev’s experience (English) However, it is possible to express […]

Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Infinite Love All the activities offered by Infinite Love have one thing in common: health and well-being. In order to accept and connect with others, we must first be able to love and accept ourselves, and be in tune with our bodies, minds, and spirits. We must “find ourselves.” Infinite Love presents the world’s first […]