Amazing video interview of Deya Dova by Brahmadev Kundun. Activating enlightenment during concert, symbiotic relationship of mother earth, synchronicity.

Activating enlightenment during concert, symbiotic relationship of mother earth, synchronicity. Questions to Deya Dova: What is happening when you are on stage? What do you record in sacred sites? Receive the blessing (chanting) of Deya Dova at the end of the video.Deya Dova: Facebook – Web Site – Kundun: Facebook – Web […]

Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Infinite Love, Is what you are. Understand and feel What you are, In the mirrors, Of the others. Find a mirror, Send your love, And see what happens. If in love you fall Reflection of your love You will see. If the mirror sends love to you too, Then, A reflection of his love you […]


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7 billion robots

Please, read this poem slowly, with a calm music : Imagine that the 7 billion human beings are robots, Imagine that these robots are not conscious, Imagine that these robots are programmed, By their parents, schools, televisions, the media, society. Then imagine these 7 billion robots, Connected to the universe, Receiving thoughts, receiving ideas, connected […]


Infinite consciousness

When enlightened Infinite consciousness You become One you become With the whole universe Everything Everyone Every consciousness Is you In expansion Your consciousness Becomes Because In expansion We all are Because In expansion This universe Is Become The universe So The universe Will become You Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Oh Lama

How beautiful is is To be with you. When your love Is our love When your light Is our light Passion, energy Is flowing. Thank you so much For your peace, Thank you For your love. So much, Already, You have given to us. The same universe We are sharing. Total understanding Is the infinite […]


Encounters in Oregon

In September 2011, Kundun and Brahmadev traveled to Oregon were they met some exceptional people : Lama Tantrapa in Portland Lama Tantrapa is a Buddhist monk who practices Tibetan shamanism and dream yoga. He is also an internationally renowned Qi Gong teacher.   He trained us in Qi-Dao (which is the natural form of Qi Gong) […]

Experience feedback

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Kundun’s experience, September 2010

Le 23 septembre 2010 : “Namaste, Here is my experiences of Shaktipat: I used to program an alarm at 4:40 for waking up before the meditation. For each meditation, I displayed a picture of Yogi Madan in the screens of my computer so I can see it. There is a Shiva sculpture too. 21 of […]

Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Infinite Love All the activities offered by Infinite Love have one thing in common: health and well-being. In order to accept and connect with others, we must first be able to love and accept ourselves, and be in tune with our bodies, minds, and spirits. We must “find ourselves.” Infinite Love presents the world’s first […]